0845 Numbers

0845 numbers available from only £59 with nothing else to pay ever!
No monthly charges when calls are diverted to a UK landline
Only £8 per month to divert calls to UK mobile
No inbound calls charges with all our 0845 numbers
No inbound calls charges with all our 0845 numbers
* All prices excl. of VAT

0845 numbers are 'virtual' meaning they divert to an existing landline or mobile. They're also known as 'lo-call', because they're cheap to call! For many customers with inclusive minutes with BT, calls to 0845 are completely free!

When a customer dials your 0845 number, calls are instantly routed to your existing landline or mobile number. You can change this destination number quickly and at any time, either online or using our free iPhone App.

We have thousands of highly memorable numbers for you to choose from, helping you standout from the competition and we can usually set up your new 0845 number on the same day without the need for new phone lines or an engineer visit. 


  • Same day set-up & number connection
  • Route calls to any UK landline free of charge
  • Caller pays standard local rate from a BT landline
  • One-off connection fee from just £59
  • From £0 per month rental
  • No inbound call charges or revenue applies
  • Calls routed to UK mobiles charged at 10p/min
  • Free Fax to Email number with every first order
  • Free Welcome Greeting
  • Free Call Forwarding on Busy or No Answer
  • Free online management of numbers and services
  • Free iPhone App
  • Perfect Disaster Recovery facility

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One-off £59 Connection fee plus Call Plan from £0 per month

No incoming call charges to pay!

+Free Voicemail +Free Divert on Busy or No Answer +Free Online Web Management +Free iPhone App +Free Welcome Message +1 x Free Fax to Email number (with all first orders)